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Robert and Rosaria moved from Manhattan to Southampton, on the east end of Long Island, eighteen years ago, where they raised their two children while growing their businesses. Rosaria was born in Sicily and initially moved to the United States when she was a teenager. She comes from a family background long associated with agriculture and food in northwest Sicily.  Her family’s agricultural background is diverse and, among other aspects, is involved in the olive oil business as well as wine production, both in Sicily and Tuscany.  Fluent in Italian as well as the Sicilian dialect, she loves to cook, has a remarkable recollection of Sicilian cuisine from her childhood, and she’s just a phone call or a forty minute ride to her mother’s kitchen.

Robert has had a life long career as a photographer. He has traveled and photographed globally, and his work has appeared in many major national and international publications. He is an accomplished woodworker and he built all the custom cabinetry in his kitchen and dining room, which he and Rosaria designed. His love of food and cooking spans a lifetime. He learned classic cuisine from Julia Child, and he went on to mastering Italian cuisine, nouvelle, and most recently Southeast Asian cuisine. Among other things, he has been a private chef on the East End of Long Island for the past ten years, cooking for friends, family and various special events.

Together, Robert and Rosaria bring an experience and expression of fine food, elegant entertaining mixed with delight and attention to detail that can only come from doing something that one truly loves.

6 Responses to “About Robert & Rosaria”

  1. Charlotte Loudermilk/Porter says:

    Dearest Rosaria and Robert
    I have shared many wonderful evenings with you both…………I know of your love for food and wine and your Fantastic Talents. Being a Food Professional I was excited to see how you have branched out to expose your talents to others.
    I was glad tha Andrea shared your blog with me. Please put me on the list of loyal fans.
    I look forward to see you in Southampton in July.

  2. 2gourmaniacs says:

    Thanks, Charlotte! We look forward to sharing a food feast with you soon! XO R & R

  3. Kadir Puentes says:

    Eccellente sito, ho trovato cose molto interessanti e appetitose. Complimenti

  4. Alice Chen says:

    I am Alice from Taiwan. This is my first time visit your blog.
    Your food looks so great. Hope I will use your recipe in nearly day.
    Have fun~~

  5. Cyndi Newcombe says:

    My daughter Elizabeth shared your blog with me so that I could see the parents of her new roommate. She is very excited about finding such a good roommate. I love to cook and I have a large garden with all the fresh veggies and I am hoping to try out some of your recipes! Blessings to you both! Cyndi Newcombe

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